Beard Pencil Filler Beard Filling Pen Kit Barber Pencil With Brush Salon Facial Hair Styling Beard Brush Male Mustache Repair

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1. No More Patchy Beard: Achieve a perfectly defined form of beard and make patchy or thin facial hair look thick and even with our beard filler pencil for men. Get rid of patches and take your beard game to the next level. Reduce gaps in your moustache and beard for a clean look
2. Long Lasting Natural Look: Our Beard filling pen kit black natural color will give you a perfectly contoured appearance. Wear it confidently without worries of it smudging or fading. This 4 tip beard filler pen kit formula ensures the product application will last all day
3. Highly Convenient: Compact design of this barber lining pencil makes it very easy to carry. Achieve the classy, contoured and full facial hair to secure that connected beard look of your dream. Perfect for home or professional usage. Soft beard pencil for men is suitable for all types of facial hair
4. Water Resistant and Sweat proof: Water-proof and sweat proof formula of beard coloring pencil lasts long and maintains confidence throughout the day. Beard filler for men black color allows you to use it for a long time and helps you to maintain a clean, natural and fresh look
5. Easy to Use: Start by drawing the outline of your beard or moustache and continue to color inside evenly along desired shape. As you apply the patchy beard filler, use soft brush to create more natural appearance. Offering a professional experience with a four fork tip head design


Packaging: Box
Packing size: 10x17.5cm
Material: grease, wax base, plastic nylon
Product size: 12.15cm, 13.8x2.5cm

Package Content :

Beard pen *1 brush *1